Profile of Mieko Takahashi


Painter Mieko Takahashi

My name is Mieko Takahashi. I'm an artist.
I was born in Sapporo of Hokkaido, Japan.
Now I live in Kanagawa.

I graduated from Hokkaido Art Academy, and I majored in space design.

As an artist, I've been teaching Art Class, I have had personal exhibitions and Group exhibitions for almost 50 years.

First, I started painting from figurative oil/acrylic/water painting. Mainly landscapes and still life.
Sometimes I became stiff in painting shapes, as it is.
During those times, I remember the feeling of my childhood.
There is a life force in all natural things.

I gradually changed into the abstract painting of landscapes.
Painting in the themes of the sea, the sky, and the clouds, the things that I wanted to express the Emotion by nature.
Then the theme changed to the universe and evolved into Life-force expression.

Abstract painting gives infinite possibilities to my expressing Life-force, much better than figurative paintings.

Now, Life-force is a very important theme of my paintings and my life.
It also reminds me of the thought, Where does my soul come from, and where does it go.

Around the same time, I had a chance to learn with new painting materials called Art Fractal Medium.
It's very fitting for me in expressing Life-force, and it gives me inspiration and ideas. I always try to invent new expression methods with it.

Every time I paint new work, I taste the new excitement.


member of The Japan Artists Association, Inc.
member of ArtMirai Committee


2018 Tokyo Governor's Prize

and others

Latest visit of abroad exhibitions

Galerie Bohner (Mannheim,Germany/consignment sale)
Caelum Gallery (New York,USA)
ART SAN DIEGO (California,USA)
Japanese Selected Artists in Auckland (Auckland,New Zealand)
ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH (Plus5-Giessereihalle,Switzerland)
Infinity (Taiwan)

Caelum Gallery (New York,USA)
ART SAN DIEGO (California,USA)
ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH (Plus5-Giessereihalle,Switzerland)
Affordable Art Fair (Milan,Italy)
Infinity (Taiwan)

Solo exhibition at Smart Ship Gallery (Tokyo,JAPAN)
Art Expo LAS VEGAS (Las Vegas,USA)
Caelum Gallery (New York, USA)
Galerie Bohner (Mannheim,Germany/consignment sale)
ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH (Plus5-Giessereihalle,Switzerland)
Antwerp ART FAIR (Belgium)
Red Dot Art Fair (Miami,USA)

Shanghai Fugetsusha Gallery (Shanghai,China)
Caelum Gallery (New York, USA)
ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH (Plus5-Giessereihalle,Switzerland)
Art Santa Fe (Santa Fe, USA)

Affordable Art Fair (Hamburg Messe,Germany)

ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH (Plus5-Giessereihalle,Switzerland)
BANK ART FAIR (Singapore)

Solo exhibition at Miyamasuzaka Buillding (Tokyo,JAPAN)

AUVERS SUR MER (Switzerland)

34th Open call for participants of Kanagawa Art Association (Kanagawa,JAPAN)
22nd Kanagawa Art Association exhibition (Kanagawa,JAPAN)

33rd Open call for participants of Kanagawa Art Association (Kanagawa,JAPAN)

2009 - 2015
Group exhibition at Ginza Yu-Gen Gallery (Tokyo,JAPAN)

Solo exhibition at Ginza Art Center (Tokyo,JAPAN)

2006 - 2012
Solo exhibition at private atelier and local facility (Kanagawa,JAPAN)

2006 - 2019
Group exhibition(ART MIRAI) at The National Art Center, Tokyo (Tokyo,JAPAN)

Solo exhibition at Karin Gallery(Tokyo,JAPAN)

Group exhibition at Kanagawa University(Kanagawa,JAPAN)

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